Flyers are not just for commercial purposes commerciële

When you think of flyers, you probably think of advertisements placed in your letterbox, or people trying to lure you at the exit of an event to the next event by means of a flyer. Yet you actually see flyers much more often than you would expect. In fact, you can often put them to […]

​Car lettering: the do’s & don’ts

Online marketing is now an integral part of our existence, especially now that the corona crisis is forcing more and more entrepreneurs online. As a result, offline marketing sometimes seems to disappear into the background, while offline marketing can be just as effective. Lettering on your car is a great example of powerful offline marketing. […]

​WADM helps Excelsior Rotterdam with corporate identity

WADM (formerly: Waal aan de Maas) has helped the Rotterdam first division football club Excelsior with its corporate identity. The matching new house style, including a restyle of the old logo, was presented to the public on June 28 by Daan Bovenberg, General Manager of the club from Kralingen. Uncovering the identity and in particular […]