​Car lettering: the do’s & don’ts

Online marketing is now an integral part of our existence, especially now that the corona crisis is forcing more and more entrepreneurs online. As a result, offline marketing sometimes seems to disappear into the background, while offline marketing can be just as effective. Lettering on your car is a great example of powerful offline marketing. We tell you more about the do’s and don’ts, so that the best results can be achieved.
Effective form of advertising
By having company cars printed, you effectively advertise your company on the road. This way of offline marketing is used by both large companies and enthusiastic freelancers. If you have a company car, you already incur costs for this, including for the purchase, road tax and car insurance. Comparing your car insurance can reduce costs somewhat, but since you are already making costs, it can be very interesting to use your company car as a marketing tool. Printing a company car is an effective way to reach many potential customers. Always opt for a clear image or a clear company logo, which is large enough to clearly see from a distance that it is about your company. For example, you can choose to use a symbol to make it clear in an instant what you are doing. If you lease a company car, you can usually only have it stickered in the case of a financial lease.

Balance offline and online
A clear font is also important, along with a clear logo or image. Beware of decorative letters. These can look nice, but are often difficult to read from a distance. They also have to match your company. Since many people will see the company car driving by from a distance, it should be immediately clear from a distance what is on your vehicle. A short and powerful message works better than a long story. Opt for a clear incentive with your message. For example, to get more people to your website. This means you only need little space on your car and you can get the message across in a short time. Usually, mentioning a number of main activities is enough to arouse curiosity. Make sure not only the name of the company is mentioned, because then potential customers still don’t know what your company stands for.

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